Helping a client on where to start with planning or deciding on that perfect Venue to the most magical wedding experience is one of the many things I enjoy about this job. I became a wedding and event planner to help clients enjoy the journey without the stress of planning!

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Things I need to know about my Wedding Budget

Hello, it’s me again, … your favorite North Carolina planner…Evelyn, with Events by Evelyn.

On the previous post, I mentioned 5 things that couples should know before planning a wedding, and I promised to dive into them one by one on our next posts. So today, we are going to talk about the first item on that list, setting a budget. Setting a wedding budget is the number one important step into planning a wedding of your dream. It’s quite literally the driving force behind bringing your dream day to fruition. So, yes, it’s imperative to get this one right.

One of the toughest question from my couples is “where do I even start on creating a budget?”. If you are wondering the same thing you are not alone on that. First, you need to determine what kind of wedding you are going for. Are you looking for a jaw-dropping hotel ballroom wedding with 200 guests, or a small and intimate beach wedding with 30 guests? Ultimately, your wedding budget is largely going to depend on the type of wedding you desire, and the guest count you want to have. 

Your guest count is very important because you are paying per person for food, beverage and staff cost, in order to make sure your guests are served efficiently and effectively.

There are many elements that goes into the cost of your wedding budget. As a planner, below are the different categories we provide to all our clients, and vendors you’ll need for your wedding day:

1. Venue

2. Food/Beverage

3. Photography

4. Videography

5. Entertainment

6. Flowers & Decor

7, Planner and/or Coordinator

8. Stationery/Signage

9. Attire & Beauty

10. Cake

11. Gift & Favors

12. Transportation

13. Misc

After we gather that information, we then start to break down each group by percentage based on your budget.

I hope this article gave you a high level understanding of what goes into your wedding budget. Remember, although you may be able to do everything by yourself, there are a lot of moving parts that needs to be taken care off, leaving you too stressed to enjoy what is supposed to be one of your happiest journey.

Until next time – stay safe everyone!

P.S. ~ Stay tuned for our next post as we share our first feature on a major publication. 

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